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Ceramic Replacement Filters

Ceramic Replacement Filters
  • A 6 gallons per day
  • B 10 gallons per day
  • C 7.5 gallons per day
  • D 18 gallons per day
  • E 8.5 gallons per day

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*Maximum flow rates are assuming that filters are kept continuously submerged and are per filter, more filters equal more flow.

British Berkefeld and Doulton Super Sterasyl Replacement Filters


At the heart of all FICL’s filters is the Sterasyl™ ceramic. The ceramic is impregnated with silver to make it self-sterilising. Silver inhibits the growth of bacteria. Sterasyl™ ceramics have a tightly controlled complex pore structure, which has unparalleled filtration properties. Sterasyl™ is effective in both gravity and pressure filters.

Benefits: With its Absolute filtration rating (defined as >99.99%) of 0.9 microns, Sterasyl™ is highly effective against particulate contamination, pathogenic bacteria, cysts etc.


The Sterasyl™ ceramic is filled with granular activated carbon to produce the Super Sterasyl™ filter element. Among other things, activated carbon is very effective at removing chlorine and organics from water.

Super Sterasyl™ uses granular activated carbon instead of an activated carbon block in order to give superior flow rates in a gravity filter. Granular carbon is not as effective as a carbon block under pressure conditions. Therefore, in a pressure filter, Supercarb™ should be used for chlorine and organics removal.

Benefits: Super Sterasyl™ has all the benefits of Sterasyl™ (removal of particles, pathogenic bacteria, cysts etc.), with additional chlorine and organics removal capabilities.

Due to many recent requests, since the outbreak of Cholera in Haiti, we have this information to share with you.

British Berkefeld Super Sterasyl filters have been tested for, and remove > 99.99% of the Vibrio Cholerae Cholera bacteria, wheras the Black Berkey filters have not been tested for this contaminate.

These Filter Systems utilize The British Berkefeld and Doulton Super Sterasyl Ceramic Filter Cartridges and remove greater than 99.99% of the Vibrio Cholerae Cholera bacteria.

NGO's (NON government organizations) and Aid Agencies

Fairey Industrial Ceramics Ltd manufacture a number of emergency relief drinking water filter products which can be quickly and easily deployed in the field by NGO’s and Aid Agencies.

These products are intended to offer rapid, cost effective solutions to drinking water filtration requirements in emergency relief, refugee and infrastructure reconstruction situations.

Fairey Industrial Ceramics Ltd has produced a number of documents to give you further information on these products. You can download these files below:


CLICK HERE to see Emergency Relief Drinking Water Filters

CLICK HERE and look at the column for the Super Sterasyl

CLICK HERE for British Berkefeld Stainless Steel Units

Click on the link below to veiw the units that we ship with white ceramic Super Sterasyl filters for Cholera Removal.
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